Non si chiede mai a un pittore quali pennelli usa o a uno scrittore che macchina per scrivere usa […]. Quel che conta è l’idea non la macchina fotografica.

Man Ray

Lake Como situations 2017


different connections_2016

_different connections_opera project

your time_2015

Made in Australia_2014




the lario is for lovers_2007

easy game_2006

car fluff_2006

hight productions photo_2003

Moto Guzzi situation 1930_1998

Agitated woman_ 1992

Burnt communication_ 1992

political press

political press_ 1992   Kodak Gallery 30×40

the western spouse

the western spouse_ 1992    Kodak Gallery 30×40


Sardegna_ 1992    Kodak Gallery 30×40

the truth

private emergency

historical situation

new situation

stop religion

Stop religion_ 1992    Kodak Gallery 30×40

The hope

The hope_ 1992  Kodak Gallery 30×40

Western woman

Western woman_ 1992  _     Kodak Gallery 30×40

The time

The time_ 1992  opera unica    stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 30×40

The nature

The nature _ 1990    opere uniche_stampa autore      50×70 Gallery 

The cat    The swan  The agave

_The nature


Connection 1_ 1992  opera unica    stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

English portrait

English portrait_ 1992     stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

who is coming

who is coming_ 1992  opera unica    stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

small memory grows

small memory grows _ 1991    print Kodak Gallery 40×60

_small memory grows_opera

politic morality

politic morality_ 1991  stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60


situation _ 1991  stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

difficult communication

difficult communication _ 1991  stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

the war is in the air

the war is in the air_ 1991  stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

Russian market

Russian market _ 1990  stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

public works

public works _ 1990  stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

chinese girl

chinese girl _ 1990  stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

fuck off eroin

fuck off eroin_ 1990  stampa autore  Kodak Gallery 40×60

The housewife_1988

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